Midlife is calling—are you ready?

Join us online for a 6-week journey to embrace midlife transitions with confidence and clarity.

Midlife is full of transitions: physical changes, career shifts, divorce, empty nest syndrome - you name it!

Here at MEA, we call this stage middlescence, when you start craving a deeper meaning in life.

And we want to help you navigate this uncertain time – to invigorate your curiosity about what’s next, be it new adventures, richer experiences, or spiritual growth.

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Introducing Your Guide to Purpose and Freedom: 

 The Navigating Midlife Transitions Online Course

You know that you’re meant for much more and are yearning for answers. Our self-paced, online course is designed to empower you through your next stage of life so that you can make midlife meaningful and impactful.

Over the next six weeks together, our carefully curated, on-demand, online sessions will walk you through an outcome-driven process designed to help you confidently navigate YOUR own specific midlife transitions.

Take your first step to navigating your journey with confidence.

Navigating Midlife Transitions Overview

Week 1: Personal Transitions


In our opening week together, you will prepare to step outside your comfort zone and adapt to changes— in your career, relationships, empty nesting, caring for parents, etc.

To take this step, we first identify the difference between a change and a transition.

Changes are things that happen to your environment, whereas transitions are how you grow on the inside.

Then, you’ll deep-dive into your self-assessment, an activity that reveals which of the six transitions you're facing.

We will also have an open conversation about the Three Stages of Transition.

Our global transition expert Bruce Feiler shares incredible insights from his NYT bestselling book, Life is in the Transitions.

Dr. Ken Dychtwald, a leading authority in longevity, and Louis Gallegos, from the United Nations, offer unique perspectives on age-related challenges and solutions. 


Through journaling, reflection, and open dialogue, you’ll develop a sharper self-awareness of how transitions or “life quakes” affect your identity and place in society.

Using insights from global gurus on midlife, you’ll have practical strategies for empowering yourself during transformative periods.

Setting the tone for the weeks ahead, you’ll build mindset management tools to redefine your vision of late adulthood so you can shrink any doubts you may have about your midlife decisions.

You will also be delighted with short journal prompts and selections of poetry that have become a runaway favorite part!

Week 2: Physical Transitions


It’s time to confront the elephant in the room: the reality of physical transitions!  

Chip Conley dives deep into how your changing body can shake your self-image and gives you the tools you need to purge the “inner ageist” limiting your happiness

You’ll learn how to navigate health changes, menopause, illness, diet, exercise routines and other top-of-mind health topics related to aging.

Through the lens of transitional intelligence, you’ll learn about the power of a growth mindset and set goals for embracing unexpected outcomes. 

You’ll get to know Jeremy Hunter and how surviving kidney disease put his life on a new and unexpected path. 

Marshall Davis will show you how to enhance your mind-body awareness using vocal expression and physical presence. 

Then, you’ll meet the late Dr. Danny Friedland, who will help you transform your self-limiting beliefs about aging into positive opportunities. 


You will finish the week with a clearer understanding of how to prioritize what matters most now in your life.

Week 3: Psychological Transitions


In midlife, it's easy to be consumed by the pressures and struggles of decades in a career, raising kids or juggling finances.

This can often lead to feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, depression or a general sense of feeling stuck. Sometimes we take this out on the ones we love the most.

Without a healthy mindset, you risk approaching these years stuck in old habits that leave you feeling life-weary or cynical.

In week three, we‘ll help you unpack your circumstances and take ownership of your feelings so you can confidently navigate these transitions and avoid the psychological traps that prevent so many people from truly finding happiness in midlife and beyond.


You will discover tools and strategies to break down the psychological transitions in your life that are blocking your path to happiness.

Using insightful exercises designed to shift your attitude, you’ll find constructive ways to ride out midlife changes with more awareness and confidence.

As a result, you’ll start engaging and connecting with others in a more meaningful and rewarding way.

Week 4: Parting/Passing Transitions


This week, we're going to explore something we’ll all face: dealing with the loss of a loved one or the “parting of ways” in relationships.

It could be the end of a friendship or saying goodbye to someone who's passed away. As you get older, these kinds of losses happen more often, causing many people to look at life differently.
You begin to think more about what really matters to you, your relationships, and how you’ve grown as a person.

And that’s what we want to explore this week - how understanding and dealing with loss can actually bring a new, deeper perspective to your life if you have the tools to turn these tough times into opportunities for personal growth.


You’ll be empowered to better understand the emotions of these transitions. By honoring the healing power of community and rituals, you’ll make peace with the process of grieving and saying goodbye.

Week 5: Professional Transitions


We believe new directions in your job or career require two key qualities: being curious and wise.

Whether retiring, changing careers, leaving your role as a stay-at-home parent, or pursuing a new venture, these scenarios require having transitional intelligence - a mindset that understands how to proceed when changes may feel threatening.

To prepare for these professional transitions, we delve into the nuances of financial considerations, the exploding trend of entrepreneurship, and inspiring stories of resilience.

By fostering a growth mindset, you will learn how to approach your career trajectories with optimism while recognizing the more profound value of professional transitions.


Feel confident about making professional shifts while maintaining your sense of identity.

As you transition your role in society, at home or at work, you’ll have a clear vision of your new roadmap for personal success.

Meanwhile, you’ll manage the inherent threats of these changes to emerge wiser and mentally stronger.

Week 6: Purpose Transitions


In this final week, you examine how your sense of purpose evolves as you grow.

You compare what brings a sense of purpose to when you were younger when your purpose typically revolves around “proving yourself” — professionally, personally, or financially.

By midlife, this mission matures; you may start caring more about “improving yourself” — by nurturing your passions, well-being, and mindfulness.

For others, the pursuit of purpose means giving back to society. Here, you might start thinking about how to share your gifts and wisdom by being a coach, mentor, or volunteer.

To explore this stage further, Dacher Keltner unpacks the eight pathways of awe.

Finally, you’ll experience a revised version of your self-assessment from the beginning of the course. By repeating this activity with your new perspectives on midlife transitions, you’ll see how you’ve managed to resolve many of your initial fears.


You’ll feel more confident in your various life transitions and clearly envision your next steps.

As you move forward with applying our tools and insights to your life, you’ll continue your MEA experience as an alumni, featuring a rich community of over 4000 people from 44 countries who are eager to meet you!

Through our online portal, you’ll stay in touch with friends and join Chapter events in your location, to keep learning and growing. 

Meet Your Instructors

Core Instructors:

Kari Cardinale

SVP Digital & Partnerships at MEA and an expert in the longevity industry, social entrepreneur and developer of “digital intimacy” tools to build meaningful connections and global communities

Chip Conley

Hospitality entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of MEA

Jeff Hamaoui

Co-founder of MEA, business innovation veteran and community builder who’s taught sustainability courses at Wharton, Berkeley and Stanford

Christine Sperber

Co-founder of MEA, professional athlete and Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Guest Instructors

Aaron Taylor

NFL Pro Player, Sports Commentator, Entrepreneur

Alan Webber

Mayor, Santa Fe, Former Founder Fast Company

Dr. Alexandria White

ReBoot Accel Senior Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Barbara Waxman

MS, MA Gerontologist, author of Middlescence, executive coach

Bruce Feiler

New York Times bestselling author, Life is in the Transitions, TV host

Chris Marcell Murchison

Consultant, Thought Partner, Coach and Bricoleur

Dacher Keltner, Ph.D.

Professor of psychology at UC Berkley and director of the Greater Good Science Center

Diane Flynn

ReBoot Accel CEO and co-founder

Ingo Rauth, Ph.D.

Professor, Coach, Founder, School of Becoming

Janis Nakano Spivack

The founder of Crush, a seasoned and curious creative working with Gen X & Millennial collaborators

Justin Michael Williams

Author, Speaker, Entertainer

Ken Dychtwald

Founder/CEO Age Wave, Gerontologist

Kerry Hannon

Bestselling author, work and personal finance expert

Lori Schwanbeck

Leadership Coach and Business Consultant

Luis Gallegos

Chairman, United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Michael Hebb

Social entrepreneur, founder Death Over Dinner and Generations Over Dinner

Richard Leider

International bestselling author and coach

Saul Kuperstein

MEA Resident Shaman

Sky Bergman

Professor of Photography and Video, Cal Poly State University

Teddi Dean

MEA Director, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

Tom McCook

Founder & Director of Center of Balance

Tony Peralta

MEA Head Chef

Hear From Our Alumni

Did You Know You're A Midlife Pioneer?

You are amongst the first generation of people in human history to experience midlife as it is experienced today.

And although it may not feel like it, the personal, professional, and physical transitions you are experiencing are the “new normal”.

In other words, you’re NOT alone.

MEA has already helped over 4,000 students from 47 countries.

People from all walks of life, who’ve come to MEA for guidance and support.

And now it’s your turn.

By choosing to take part in our Navigating Midlife Transitions online course, you’ll finally have the tools and skills needed to chart a course to a fulfilling midlife and beyond.

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MEA is also a place where we focus on the entire you! That means the emotional, the spiritual AND the physical.

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Are You Ready To Step Into Midlife & Beyond With Intention?

When you enroll today, you’ll finally be equipped with the tools, skills, and support you need to navigate midlife’s most challenging transitions.

Within ten minutes of completing your enrollment, you’ll receive an email from us that will include simple, step-by-step instructions on how to access the Navigating Midlife Transitions Online course plus all of the incredible bonuses. This includes:

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Our MEA Online Guarantee

After helping over 4000 people from around the world, we know that the tried and tested methodologies we’ve developed at MEA work.

We’ve seen the successful results over and over and over again.

But we also understand that with any investment like this, there is the little voice in the back of your head asking “Will this work for me?”.

That’s why we offer the MEA Online 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are MEA online workshops?

MEA's online workshops are rigorous educational programs that feature sophisticated insights into exploring a more purposeful path to your career, vocation or calling with our core faculty and leading educators, scientists, researchers, speakers, authors, athletes, and activists.

How do I know if this online workshop is for me?

Is something shifting in your life? Are you struggling to figure out “what’s next” in your career, vocation or calling? Do new tools, resources, structure and accountability call to you as well as inspiration and connection within a supportive community? Then MEA Online is for you. MEA Online attracts an intergenerational and multicultural student body, which makes for a rich exchange of life experience. Most of our students are between ages 40 and 65 but we've had students as young as 30 and as old as 88. There is no age requirement or professional experience required to take this course.

I've taken online classes before but wasn't satisfied. How are MEA's online workshops different?

We understand there is a lot to choose from online. MEA's online workshops are not a “one-and-done” course where you’re left to flounder on your own. We’ve developed tools and practices that translate beautifully online using our proprietary “digital intimacy” principles.

Learn in your preferred style: watch videos, listen podcast style, or read transcripts. Our learning materials are balanced with mindfulness, reflection tools, poetry, and inspirational stories from folks just like you. Additionally, our students rave about our community where they’ve formed authentic relationships.

What are the tech requirements to successfully take online workshops?

You can access MEA online workshops using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, You will also have the opportunity to join video conference calls. We offer tech support via email through our course platform.

How do we get started? What can I expect when I enroll?

We can get started right away! Simply click “enroll” and you’ll receive your login information. If you have any issues you can reach out to us here.


How many hours per week do I need to dedicate to this course?

Weekly content is sent every Friday and will take 2-3 hours to complete, working at your own pace. There are three 90-minute live events and 6 one hour mid-week Community Cafes. But remember, everything is recorded, so you can consume this at your own pace, on your own schedule.

How will these online workshops help me manage what's next?

MEA online workshops offer a unique immersion experience with expert leadership and guidance on creating a more purposeful “What’s Next.” You will explore themes to better understand yourself, your history, and your future. You will develop new language and tools to understand where you are in your journey, and set micro-commitments to make small changes over time that lead to big changes in positive directions.

Do you offer financial aid for MEA Online?

Our entire society is made stronger when everyone has the opportunity to learn, participate, and grow, regardless of economic status. To request financial aid for MEA Online, please submit your request to our Admissions Team or schedule a call  to discuss your options.

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